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Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Sunday
7am  TRX All levels
8am   All levels matTRX Intermediate
9am Group Reformer (10 am)  Group Reformer (9:30 am)
10amGroup ReformerGroup Reformer (11am) Grace PilatesGroup Reformer (10:30 am)
NoonAll levels matSpringwallGroup ReformerPilates Foundations
5:00 pmAll Levels Mat (5:15 pm)All levels Mat (5:30 pm)

Class Descriptions

Pilates Foundations:  Perfect for new Pilates students and experienced students who want to perfect their technique.  We will work to master the 5 basic principles of Pilates to ensure proper muscle engagement, breathing patterns and biomechanics.  Mastering the foundational movements of Pilates will help you grow in your practice, develop core strength and stability, prevent injuries, and relieve stress and back pain.

All Levels Pilates:  This all level Pilates mat class is perfect for a diverse group of participants.  We will be incorporating the 5 basic principles of Pilates into a flowing exercise program that focus on body mechanics, breath work and stability.  Modifications of exercises will be demonstrated for beginner to advanced students.

Group Reformer Classes:  For a true test to your core, nothing works better than the Pilates Reformer. These small classes with an emphasis on rhythmic, flowing movements will increase strength, flexibility and stamina while also improving alignment, balance, coordination and tone. The result? A uniformly developed body with strong back and abdominal muscles. The Reformer's adjustable springs allow for progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. A great machine workout in a private reformer classroom.

The Grace Pilates Method: The Grace Pilates Method classes on the Begin Chair™ is a gentle approach to Pilates and is recommended for people with limited mobility. This class is perfect for those who may not be able to comfortably lie down or get back up from the floor, or who have other physical limitations.  In Grace Pilates Method, students sit on Begin Chairs™ to perform basic Pilates exercises using balls, stretch-bands and light weights.  The goal of this program is to improve overall mobility, core strength and balance.

Springwall: The Springboard is a perfect balance between our Pilates floor work with the Reformer. Exercises can be done seated, standing, kneeling, and lying down using resistance and assistance training to build core strength, coordination, balance, and flexiblilty. Classes will also help articulate the spine, strengthen weak back muscles, while also improving posture.
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