Private Lessons

Private lessons are perfect for those who are new to Pilates, experienced students wanting to perfect their technique and for rehab. Kacie will design a reformer, springboard and mat based exercise program tailored specifically for your posture and exercise goals.  It is recommended that students engage in 5 private lessons before joining a group Pilates class. 

Private lessons are held in private studio space filled with natural light with easy on street parking in the North Tabor neighborhood on 61st street between NE Glisan and E Burnside.

  • Introduction special! First 3 privates for $100!
  • Single private $55/hr
  • Package of 5 $250 ($50/hr)
  • Duets split the cost of a single private

For private lessons utilizing the full Cadillac and rehab reformer please contact Studio Blue Pilates to schedule an appointment with Kacie.

Pilates at work

Exercise at work results in happier, healthier and more productive employees! Bring an all level or beginning group class or workshop series to your place of employment! Kacie is self insured and is set up to financially manage both employee and employer paid classes. Classes are taught onsite in your companies gym or large conference room.

• Group classes $65/hr

Class descriptions

Pilates Foundations

Perfect for new Pilates students and experienced students who want to perfect their technique. We will work to master the 5 basic principles of Pilates to ensure proper muscle engagement, breathing patterns and biomechanics. Mastering the foundational movements of Pilates will help you grow in your practice, develop core strength and stability, prevent injuries, and relieve stress and back pain.

All Levels Pilates

This all level Pilates mat class is perfect for a diverse group of participants. We will be incorporating the 5 basic principles of Pilates into a flowing exercise program that focus on body mechanics, breath work and stability. Modifications of exercises will be demonstrated for beginner to advanced students.

Group Reformer Classes

For a true test to your core, nothing works better than the Pilates Reformer. These small classes with an emphasis on rhythmic, flowing movements will increase strength, flexibility and stamina while also improving alignment, balance, coordination and tone. The result? A uniformly developed body with strong back and abdominal muscles. The Reformer's adjustable springs allow for progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. A great machine workout in a private reformer classroom.

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