How to Start a Meditation Practice


Noticing the physical and physiological positive effects of breath attention in lessons, clients often ask how to get started on meditation.  First let's be clear on what we mean by "meditation/mindfulness."

Mindfulness: being fully awake and present in this moment

Meditation: Formal mindfulness practice where we set aside 5 seconds, 5 minuets or 55 minutes to focus on the present moment through our breath and senses.

Whether recommitting to your meditation practice, opening yourself to meditation or wanting new inspiration I recommend the following guided meditations by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  Recently I recommitted to my formal meditation practice by listening to the intro video directly followed by one of the longer videos.  Guided meditation is helpful for me to commit to practice as they are pre-timed, include gentle reminders to return to the present and accessible wherever I am (no special space, mat or pad required).


There is no 'correct' way to meditate.  One could rest on the mat, sit with a tall spine in a quiet space or stand in mountain pose over the kitchen sink.  As meditation focuses on breath it is natural to find neutral spine where the breath can flow easy.  Personally, I most often lay on the floor as this is the easiest position for my bones to relax into neutral.

Intro meditation

Start with this video.  Find neutral posture, close your eyes or let your gaze drift off (not focused on the screen) and listen to Kabat-Zinn's short and simple guided meditation experience.  The video duration is 12 minutes so why not take the time now to relax and enjoy.

Longer guided meditations 

When you are ready to commit to a longer formal practice try one of these videos on it's own or following the first video.

Comment below to share your experience with formal meditation or your reactions to these guided meditation practices.

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